Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello Everybody

Hello out there in blogland....

Well I have decided to build a blog devoted to the Holidays. It is the first of June and time for me to start my Christmas cards for 2009. I get bored working on the same type of cards for long periods of time, so I mix things up--I might do Christmas today, flowers tomorrow and something else the next day. I am hopeing to add a couple times a week at least though.

Holidays doesn't just mean Christmas--I will be posting cards for all of the holidays--but more Christmas than the others. Lets face it--we all send more Christmas cards than cards for the other holidays.

So for today I did get three cards done between last night and day. Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by--and please come again.



  1. Christmas has to be my favorite Holiday. Its a close call with Halloween. I think Christmas wins because it seems like December 1st the feeling begins. Ooh that sounded poetic. anyways. I joined your blog because 1) Holidays are so cheerful and that joy should be kept alive all year long. 2) because I'm interested in card making and rubber stamping--even though I may not be 100% on what that is.

  2. I don't think I'd ever be that organized to start my cards in June LOL!!

    Your cards are so very nice! I really love that middle Santa, awesome coloring!

  3. Beautiful Cards Gloria....and what a cool idea!!!! I'll be checking back her often!!!!

  4. How exciting to have a blog dedicated to Holidays and mostly Christmas - I just love that! I enjoy your cards and will be keeping an eye here for more of your lovely work! Diann

  5. WONDERFUL cards, Gloria!! and wow aren't you on the ball!! but it'll be here before we know it!!

  6. Nice new blog Gloria and your cards are fantastic! I look forward to seeing all of your Holiday creations. :)

  7. Gloria, your cards are wonderful. Maybe you can inspire me to get mine done on time this year.


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